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Honey nutrition – The Truth about honey nutrition

honey nutrition – Child Nutrition Source
His children are picky eaters ? Before malnourished , give honey every day. The research tested honey can increase appetite , reduce morbidity of heat and cold , and honey has a complete nutritional content. The feeding of children under 5 years is difficult honey nutrition. If you have a high appetite , parents do not bother honey mustard nutrition. Children will eat all the food that is given willingly . On the contrary , children under 5 years with a low appetite or difficulty eating honey nutrition, which makes parents are often overwhelmed even about to lose your mind to persuade him to eat .

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All food types examined. The reaction of the kids just throw back the food in your mouth when it is not and , according to your tastes. Unfortunately, his favorite food is less nutritious . In fact , the variety of food is very necessary. If this situation continues , the child may suffer from lack of food and malnutrition honey nutrition, so easily hurt . After all, this process becomes abnormal growth . Most worrying honey mustard nutrition, when it became part of a generation with no future ( of the lost generation pure raw honey.)

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Fortunately , there is an investigation of Y. Wildwood , one of the researchers from the Center for Research and Development of nutrition in Boor. Good news for parents who have children less protein energy brought . He said that the supply of honey on a regular basis every day can reduce the level of morbidity ( hot and cold) and improve the appetite of children under 5 years. Research on five patients Clinical Nutrition , Nutrition Center , which suffered less protein energy due to the financial crisis honey mustard nutrition.
so honey nutrition is the best ..

Honey nutrition – The Truth about honey nutrition

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