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Cucumber benefits – The Truth about cucumber benefits

Health cucumber benefits :
When the cucumber became important as a health food in the eighteenth century , did not take long for people to forget those medical properties first known to the Greeks and Romans , and later the Arab physicians cucumber benefits.

cucumber for skin care :
Today we see the cucumber as a provider for its beneficial properties as a multiplier of the flow of urine and as a complement to the effects of celery and carrot juice for rheumatic very healthy juice while at the same time soft skin lotion .

cucumber benefits :
Japanese research in the first half of this century , said he had a valuable substance in cucumber juice to treat the intestinal tract cucumber benefits. Sad to say , this work has not been pursued and the active factor still keeps his identity secret .

cucumber health benefits :
Other health benefits cucumber stems from the fact that it is very low in calories, about 4 oz (100 g of Y2K ) is an average figure. Very high levels of potassium have been claimed for the plant from which most of the latest available analysis seems to be an exaggeration. The vitamin is usually low to medium edible vegetable .

the best of cucumber benefits :
However, cucumber juice is certainly beneficial treatment of rheumatic diseases cucumber for skin care. Never mind too that the reason for this effect is unclear cucumber benefits. What is important is that it helps many victims cucumber health benefits.

Although all the juice is the best skin lotion is good to remember that the skin itself , like lemon peel , keep and use on your hands cucumber health benefits, especially after having been in a strong detergent or very hot water . No need to rub hard – good skin care with cucumber art should be a sweet aroma.
so cucumber benefits are much ..

Cucumber benefits – The Truth about cucumber benefits

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