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Agility fitness – The Best ways

Cheerleading agility fitness – Stretching for Flexibility
With the cold weather upon us , it’s too easy to stay inside where it’s warm and postpone the exercise . It is important to continue to work every day, not only in practice , in order to maintain the level of health and fitness one . When it comes to exercise , there are three main areas of interest : Stretching , Cardio Training agility fitness, and weights. Our goal here is to stretch . Stretching is very important to maintain flexibility and agility , which is very important for cheerleaders . Maintain flexibility facilitates the body’s ability to perform stunts to require less energy to move the joint as well as improving coordination personal trainer certification.

fitness personal trainer :
It also improves the condition of the joint and provides a greater range of motion . Flexibility also increases the body’s ability to perform with a much lower risk of injury fitness personal trainer. Here we have compiled some basic stretches that can be done at home or at school and take only a few minutes each day agility fitness.

Calf Stretch agility fitness
Place your right foot on a step , knee slightly bent . Lean , enter your right foot with your right hand agility fitness. Bend your left knee slightly and keep your back straight . Keep your weight on the left leg and the left hand on the left thigh personal trainer certification, pull your right toes toward the knee . Keep knees slightly bent and hold for 30 seconds fitness personal trainer.

foot extension and agility fitness :
Place your right foot on a step agility fitness, knee slightly bent . Bow down placing hands on the left leg. Keep the left knee slightly bent and lean forward, bending the lower back slightly inward . Press buttocks and push the hips back and the front knee and hold for 30 seconds.

Straighten the bent knee
Stand with one foot on a table and leaning his chest to the knee bent fitness personal trainer.
so agility fitness is the best ..

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