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Honey benefits – The Truth about honey

The content and the honey benefits :
Honey is food containing various nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids , vitamins, minerals , dextrin, plant pigments , and aromatic components. Even the results of research in food and nutrition , honey contains higher carbon hydrates including livestock products , milk, eggs , meat, cheese and butter. This is 82.3 % higher honey benefits.

honey and cinnamon benefits :
100 grams of pure honey is 294 calories. In other words, 1,000 g of pure honey is equivalent to 50 hen’s eggs or milk and 5675 liters honey benefits, 1680 grams of meat . According to the results of a recent study found that substances or compounds found in honey is very complex , which reached 181 species .

raw honey health benefits :
Honey has a chemical which has the effect of acetylcholine oblige Beg . Acetylcholine is the blood circulation and reduce blood pressure honey benefits. The sugars in honey is absorbed directly by the blood to produce energy quickly compared to regular sugar honey and cinnamon benefits.

 In addition to the high sugar content (41 % fructose , 35 % glucose , 1.9 % sucrose ) honey also contain other components such as pollen and various digestive enzymes. Besides honey also contains many vitamins like vitamin A, B , B, and minerals such as calcium, sodium , potassium, magnesium, iron , iodine, and salt thereof and radio. Besides honey also contains antibiotics and other organic acids such as tartaric acid , citric acid, and oxalate .
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Honey benefits – The Truth about honey

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