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Spinach nutrition – The Truth about spinach

Nutritional Benefits of Raw spinach nutrition :
Popeye was right: spinach is really good for you. Spinach is a leaf vegetable belonging to the same family as cabbage and beets and is not only great tasting spinach nutrition, but also able to provide your body with excellent nutrition and can cure many health problems.
spinach nutrition :
Raw spinach is rich in amino acids , carotene , vitamins A, C , E, K and B complex , iron (hence the strength of Popeye after eating spinach ), iodine ( which has anti properties – inflammatory ) , magnesium, and potassium spinach nutrition. The alkalinity of the minerals found in spinach helps the body regulate its pH and get the same amount of protein from a portion of spinach and you get a lot of meat.
Spinach juice is probably one of the best ways to eat raw spinach and has many health benefits.
When cooking spinach many nutrients are lost and full nutritional benefits , it is recommended that you eat raw spinach at least once a day spinach nutrition. When eating or drinking the juice of raw spinach or spinach , you:
* Never anemia. The iron in spinach allows regeneration of red blood cells and is an excellent blood generator .
* Reception relief of rheumatoid arthritis because of the high alkalinity of spinach nutrition .
* Acidosis fight because minerals in spinach is cleaned fabric and maintain the alkalinity of the blood constant .
* Replace any vitamin C deficiency can cause bleeding gums.
* Reduce your bloodstained Aleve and reduce your risk of atherosclerosis, simply because antioxidants and folic acid in spinach.
* Prevent and fight against the formation of cancerous cells due to chlorophyll , training and flavored found in spinach.
* Prevent the vision problems such as cataracts and night blindness high in carotene and vitamin A spinach nutrition.
* Make your more regular and less prone to stomach ulcers , colitis, constipation and poor digestion because it is rich in fiber and a mild laxative.
* Prevent osteoporosis with vitamin K helps to anchor the calcium in the bones , which ensures healthy bones spinach nutrition .
Lower high blood pressure.
* Provide the necessary nutrients for the fetus to develop in pregnant women and also improve the quality and quantity of milk produced by the mother.
so spinach nutrition is the best ..

Spinach nutrition – The Truth about spinach

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