Okra benefits – The Secret About okra benefits

Okra and health okra benefits :
The versatile vehicle that is used around the world called okra is characterized by green pods ridges okra benefits, elongated and stylized infused with double row of seeds and slimy texture when opened. This full member of the cotton family is native to the regions of the Nile in North Africa and the Middle East, was discovered as far back as 3,500 years ago in Ethiopia. Early Egyptians are known to love the taste. Okra later transcended to North America reroute slave trade and then in Europe okra nutritional benefits, Asia and South and Central America .

okra health benefits :
Besides being low in calories okra nutritional benefits, which is abundant in vitamins of the category A, thiamin , B , C , folic acid , riboflavin okra health benefits, calcium okra benefits, zinc and dietary fiber. Eating okra is highly recommended for pregnant women , as well as others, as it is rich in folic acid , which is essential for neural tube formation of the fetus during 4-12 weeks of gestation in the womb.

Revelations of research by leading nutrition status okra benefits :
mucilage or fiber found in okra helps adjust blood sugar by controlling their absorption in the small intestine okra benefits.

or okra fiber has many superior qualities in maintaining gastrointestinal tract health .

or helps reabsorb water and traps excess cholesterol , metabolic toxins and surplus bile in its mucilage and slips through the feces. Because a higher percentage of water in the body , prevents constipation okra benefits, gas and bloating in the abdomen.

how to eat a okra health benefits :
or is an ideal vegetable for weight loss and lots of health benefits provided that simmer to preserve their properties okra health benefits. This was also to ensure that the mucilage containing precious heat is not lost high okra benefits.

Okra or facilitates the spread of the good bacteria called probiotics okra benefits. They are similar to proliferate by the yogurt in the small intestine and helps biosynthesis of vitamin B complex .

Or to add bounce your hair. Horizontally sliced wok boil until the drink becomes sticky possible okra health benefits. Cool and add some lemon hangs and use it as a last rinse and see your hair spring back to youthfulness and jump okra benefits.

or Okra is an excellent laxative is irritable bowel heals ulcers and soothes the digestive tract .

or protein and oil content in the seeds of okra serves as a source of vegetable protein chip . It is enriched with amino acids in the likes of crypto , cosine and other sulfur amino acids .
so okra benefits is the best in vegetables ..

Okra benefits – The Secret About okra benefits

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